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Matt Beringer

Age: 39.875

Years Riding: 33

Sponsors: S&M, 5050bmx, ARBOCBMX 

Favorite Trick: Rocket sliders, rocket manuals, endo grinds, etc., etc., etc....(can't have just one)

What I like to ride: Anything BMX or skiibiking has to offer.

Who's your favorite rider: Depends what era and discipline of BMX... also depends on if I've got a chance to be around them and if they're a good person besides just how good they ride. I've been so stoked on certain people's riding and learned how they are in real life and it cancelled all stoke I had. I'd say Rob Ridge is my favorite freestyle rider, Hucker is my favorite trick jumper, Clint Reynolds is my favorite style jumper, Tate Roskelly is my favorite street thinker, Garret Reynolds is the tech master, Kriss Kyle is the tech ramp thinker, Van Homan is always gnarly, Sean Burns is crazy, and Mike Aitken goes down as one of the greatest riders that ever rode... there's too many great people in BMX for me to pick just one... I can't leave out Big Daddy, Matthias Dandois, Terry Adams, Paul Osicka, Joe Rich, Taj Mihelich, Matt Hoffman, Jamie Bestwick, and no one will EVER forget Dave Mirra. So my favorites are all over the place.



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That's It! - Matt Beringer from Jordan Utley on Vimeo.

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