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Tim "Fuzzy" Hall

Age: 46

Years Riding: I started riding in 1979, I love that date!

Sponsors: 5050bmx, Jaybird, Powder Mountain Ski Resort, VANS

Favorite Trick: It's probably a flatland tricks right now hahaha. nollies across stuff. Yeah nollies right now. My favorite trick of all time is a truck to X up!

What I like to ride: Dirt! 

Who's your favorite rider: There's  so many, TJ Ellis, Hucker, Brian Foster, Dennis Enarson, Nyquist, TJ Lavin and then Doyle and Nasty

Who did you sweat the most back in your contest days. Probably Chris Moeller and then Nyquist




Without Fuzz most of the people on this team page wouldn't be here. 5050bmx wouldn't exist. It was Fuzzy's brain child back in 2001 to start a BMX store. We can't believe that all these years later it's still going strong. Thank you from the entire Utah BMX crew. Your Rule Fuzz!

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